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Standard Service    Standard Service
From Downtown DC, Courier to Downtown DC is completed within one hour; 90 minutes to Georgetown or Capitol Hill; 2-3 hours to/from the suburbs;
4 or more hours to/from the outer suburbs
Rush Service    Rush Service
About twice as fast as our standard service. From Downtown DC, Courier to Downtown DC is completed within 30 minutes ; 45 minutes to Georgetown or
Capitol Hill; 60 to 90 minutes to/from the suburbs;
2 or more hours from the outer suburbs
Direct Service    Direct Service
Our fastest service, we send the nearest available courier to complete your assignment without making any other stops
Roundtrip    Roundtrip
Courier picks up, delivers, then returns.
For example, you send a courier with a check to pickup your dry cleaning
Oversize or Heavy?    Oversize or Heavy
Describe size or weight so an appropriate courier may be assigned, when any dimension of your Courier exceeds those of an ordinary shoebox or 10 pounds.
If you don't know which level of service you need, standard, rush, or direct, you may simply indicate your deadline, and the appropriate service level will be provided. You may also contact us by phone or by using the price quotes page, (which we answer during business hours only).

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