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2024 General Pricing Guide

Be sure to check for any surcharges when calculating a rate.
For help in determining a price or for more comprehensive pricing information, get a quick price quote by email (during office hours, Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm, excluding holidays and observances).

AlexandriaArlingtonBethesdaBaltimoreCapitol HillDowntown DCFairfaxGeorgetownMcLeanPotomacRestonRockvilleSilver SpringTysonsUpper NW
Capitol Hill$40$38$52$136$20$24$78$30$58$70$84$70$56$68$38
Downtown DC$36$30$36$136$24$12$64$16$42$60$70$54$40$54$30
Silver Spring$66$88$36$128$56$40$84$48$64$52$78$50$32$68$32
Upper NW$50$44$32$136$38$30$68$30$56$48$78$44$32$56$26

Be sure to check for any surcharges when calculating a rate. Email us or get a price quote for other prices in the DC metropolitan area or for more comprehensive billing information.

The prices listed here are approximations and subject to change. For example, Silver Spring and Alexandria cover large areas from north to south, and so service to or from all parts of these cities do not cost the same. Actual prices may also differ due to factors that make safe and efficient courier pickup and delivery more difficult or time consuming, such as weight, size, shape, or configuration of items, delays, weather, special requests, problems, or location within a zone or city. Extra charges may be added when long or numerous phone calls or emails are required to take or complete orders, or when questions are necessary because requests have been sent to us by email rather than the Best Messenger order-form, or by incomplete or inadequate utilization of the form. Attempts or cancellations are billed according to the work completed, and customers are responsible for attempted pickups and deliveries, re-deliveries, waiting time, and returns to sender.