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We seek multi-company contractors to answer free-calls. Bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, pickup truck, and van couriers are sought. As always, only couriers with direct DC courier company experience will be considered. Those highly experienced and capable couriers must also be hard working, dependable, polite, clean, and intelligent.

You are not yet qualified to work at Best Messenger just because you enjoy bike riding and working outdoors, are a good rider or fast learner, or because you've done courier work in another city, delivered pizza, flowers, furniture, or hardware, drove a taxi, built an aqueduct in Africa, or really think you can do the job if given a chance. One must begin one's 'career' elsewhere, and perhaps try back after at least six months to learn the business.

It's not necessarily that you are not capable of learning, it's just that we are prohibited by the IRS from training privately employed private contractors how to do their jobs. We only hire fully operational independent private contractors.


We offer flexible career opportunities for a salesperson with his or her own contact list, previous experience in local courier sales, and appropriate computer skills.

We may employ sales staff to work in the office or from home, full or part time.

We lose very few clients, so you collect sales commissions for the full life of the agreement.